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Meme Teh Twenty-Fourth - Meme Day

Hello people!

We did it! This is the last one, guys! Thank you all for participating and spreading the word! You did an awesome job and this was so cool! <3

1. Did you have fun participating in Meme Day?
2. What was your favorite meme of the ones posted?
3. What’s your favorite kind of meme (music meme, drabble meme, image meme, etc.)?
4. What’s a question you don’t think is asked enough on memes?
5. What’s a question you think is asked too frequently on memes?
6. Do you wish people would do away with tagging?
7. What is your favorite response by someone else from Meme Day?
8. How do you pronounce the word “meme”?
9. Would you join us for Meme Day this same time (same place) next year?
10. Any last words?

Meme Teh Twenty-Third - Relationships

Hello people!

1- Would you rather have a fun fling or a lasting relationship?
2- What was your longest relationship?
3-What is your favorite personality trait?
4- What is the most romantic thing a significant other could do?
5- When you are dating someone, what is the most important thing to you?
6- Do you like pet names (ex: baby, sweetheart...)?
7- What is your ideal night out with a significant other?
8- What is your ideal night in with a significant other?
9- Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it?
10- Do you like relationships that invovle serious commitments?
11- If you ever got engaged, how would you want it to happen?
12- If you were engaged, would you want a wedding as soon as possible?
13- Do you like to talk about the future when in a serious relationship?
14- Do you prefer a sensitive open relationship or a strong silent type?
15- When in a relationship do you have to have contact with your partner on a daily basis?
16- Do you like public displays of affection?
17- Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship?
18- What is one thing that you value most in a relationship?
19- Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation?
20- Do you believe in moving in together before engagement or marriage?

Hello people!

Where is the next place you will travel to?
Have you ever worn the opposite sex's underwear?
When was the last time you cried?
Do you say sexy a lot?
Who was the last person you hung out with?
Is there something you are waiting on?
What's something you currently want?
Do you want to get married & have children one day?
Ever kissed in the rain?
Have you ever gambled in a casino?
Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
What's your favorite place you've traveled?
Do you like ice cream?
What's your favorite color?
Do you like to work with little kids?
Where are your mom and dad?
Would you ever consider moving to another state to be with the one you love?
Do you have empty bottles of alcohol hidden somewhere?
Do you own bright colored underwear?
Do you have strange dreams?
What are you listening to?
What's something you learned today?
Are you happy?
What did you do today?
Is cheating ever okay?
Have you ever run a red light?
Have you dyed your hair?
What is your ring-tone on your cell phone?
Do you believe in love?

Meme Teh Twenty-First - Alphabet Game

Hello people!

A is for age:
B is for beer of choice:
C is for something you crave:
D is for your dog's name:
E is for essential item you use everyday:
F is for favorite TV show at the moment:
G is for favorite game:
H is for Home town:
I is for instruments you play:
J is for favorite juice:
K is for kickin ass:
L is for last place you ate:
M is for marriage:
N is for your full name:
O is for overnight hospital stays:
P Is For favorite place:
Q is for quote:
R is for biggest regret:
S is for status:
T is for time you woke up today:
U is for underwear you have on now:
V is for vegetable you love:
W is for worst habit:
X is for x-rays you've had:
Y is for yummy food you ate today:
Z is for the zodiac sign:

Meme Teh Twentieth - Single Answer

Hello people!

One answer per question!

You're feeling:
To your left:
On your mind:
Last meal included:
You sometimes find it hard to:
The weather:
Something you have a collection of:
A smell that cheers you up:
A smell that can ruin your mood:
How long since you last shaved:
The current state of your hair:
The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer):
Your skill with chopsticks:
Which section you head for first in a bookstore:
Something you're craving:
Your general thoughts on the presidential race:
How many times have you been hospitalized this year:
Favourite place to go for a quiet moment:
You've always secretly thought you'd be a good:
Something that freaks you out a little:
Something you've eaten too much of lately:
You have never:
You never want to:
Where is your cell phone?
Your significant other?
Your hair?
Your mother?
Your father?
Your favorite thing?
Your dream last night?
Your favorite drink?
Your dream/goal?
The room you're in?
Your ex?
Your fear?
Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Where were you last night? 
What you're not?
One of your wish list items?
Where you grew up?
The last thing you did?
What are you wearing?
Your TV?
Your pets?
Your computer?
Your life?
Your mood?
Missing someone?
Your car?
Something you're not wearing?
Favorite Store?
Your summer?
Like someone?
Your favorite color?
When is the last time you laughed?
Last time you cried?

Mod Post: Heads Up

Hello people!

Just wanted to letcha know that the next meme coming up is a sexually-themed one that may be a little inappropriate, lol, so I'm locking it for members of this group only. If you aren't a member, join so you can do the meme. <3

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*


Meme Teh Eighteenth - The Funniest

Hello people!

And now, a guest meme. Made by celli_puzzle. <3

Name the six funniest people you know (RL or celebrities):

Give six reasons why each these people are awesome (six reasons per person):

Name your six favorite quotes from each of these people (one quote per person):
Hello people!


1. Do you like anyone?
2. Does someone like you?
3. Last kiss?
4. Been cheated on?
5. Want a relationship?
6. Wanna get married?


1. Believe in God?
2. Had a dream come true?
3. Read the newspaper?
4. Get enough sleep everyday?
5. Have a best friend?
6. Take a bath daily?
7. Wish on stars?

1. Fallen in love?
2. Kissed someone of the same sex?
3. Hooked up with someone who had a gf/bf?
4. Been to a Bonfire?
5. Ran away from home?
6. Played strip poker?
7. Pulled an all nighter?

1. Cried?
2. Had fun?
3. Been kissed?
4. Felt stupid?
5. Talked to an ex?
6. Missed someone?
7. Listened to music?

Meme Teh Sixteenth - Superheroes

Hello people!

Fill this in for yourself!

Your superhero name:
Your superpower:
Your costume:
Your sidekick:
His/her superpowers:
His/her costume:
The city you fight crime in:
Your arch nemesis:
His/her superpower:
Your greatest weakness:
A first edition of your comic sells on eBay for:

Meme Teh Fifteenth - Obscurely Random

Hello people!

I'd just like to thank everyone for participating thus far! <3 Keep up the AWESOMENESS!

What do you think the most common letter in the English Language?
Have you ever worn shoes without socks?
Do you pop your gum?
Do you know how to play any instruments?
Do you own an orange shirt?
Who do you want to be nominated as President of U.S. (e.g. Pitbull, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears)?
What is the best type of water (ex. Arrowhead, Fiji, Dasani)?
Where do you want to work while in college, if at all?
Are you currently in debt?
Off the top of your head, what do you think superfluous means?
When writing essays, do you write in a notebook and then type it, or type it right out of your head?
Up to what grade level of math would you say you've completed?
Do you like bread ends?
What kind of cheese do you like?
Plain chocolate or stuffed with caramel or cherry?
What is your purpose in life?
Do any of your siblings look like your twin?
Would you ever wear an afro wig?
Do you put lotion on your tummy?
What's your top best radio station for news?
What was the last thing you heard on the news?
How often do you pick up the newspaper to read?
Have you ever heard a song by Pink Floyd?
How many blogs do you have?
Have you ever used a sound as part of your password for anything (ex. kaboom, bowchiquiwowow)?
What's your dream car?
Ninjas, Pirates, Thieves, or Politicians?
Have you ever wanted to have a hook for a hand?
Do you think you'll ever have a six pack?
Have you ever counted the number of stairs you've climbed, if so what was the number?
Have you ever worn cowboy boots?
Who's Ralph Nader, and what did he do?
What does "drop it like it's hot" mean?
Have you ever named a part of your body?
What's the longest word you can remember right now?
What smiley face do you most often use?